Songwriting is an important means of expression and a valuable teaching tool. As well as writing and performing my own songs, I encourage my students of all levels to experiment with creating their own works, The Master of Music (M.Mus.) in Songwriting I attained at Bath Spa University and my own experience in writing, recording and producing enables me to inspire and guide those wishing to try this rewarding activity,

After the video "The Sound of Songwriting"

are a few productions of some of my more active students

Peter Antony
The Sound of Songwriting
Short Circuit
Alleviate by Caitlin Wittmann
Short Circuit
Children of the World
Radøux (Victor Fricke)
why are we still doing this?
Radøux (Victor Fricke)
no commotion
Mira Seyfettinoglu
Begging for Some More